Pricepin, never miss a discount.

Pricepin is a free application that allows consumers to track online discount offers.

Almost every consumer product drops in price over time. But it takes a lot of time and effort to keep track of the available discounts. Pricepin allows users to ‘pin’ a product from virtually any shop, after which the price of the product is monitored daily. Users get notified as soon as prices change. In addition to receiving notifications on price changes, the user can also see how prices develop in real-time graphs. 

Pricechange insights

Online retailers are constantly experimenting with their prices. "One thing that stands out is that some prices increase one week and the next week the online retailer offers the product marked with a discount. Eventually, most products become cheaper, but the path in which the price develops is not a constant decline." says Floris de Langen, CEO Pricepin.

By providing insight into price changes of online retailers, the users of Pricepin become smarter shoppers. Missing a discount will be a thing of the past.

Business Model

Pricepin is free for consumers and we will keep it that way in the future. The goal is to get as many active users as possible. Besides the consumer platform we are developing an online application for retailers, journalists, governments and other organisations, that uses pricepin's data for price-, product- and market-research. "We are also investigating the possibilities to forecast price development and trending products over time." Martijn Houtman says, CTO Pricepin.

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